First Time Planning Guide to Costa Rica

Basics For a First Time Traveler

Breathtakingly beautiful forests, magnificent tropical beaches, mouth-watering food, splendid weather, crazy fun things to do, super friendly Ticos…… and the list of reasons to visit Costa Rica goes on and on! If you are planning to visit this beautiful places for the first time then take a look at following tips to make your trip perfect.

Pre-book your Accommodation- Before embarking on this journey, it’s really important to book hotels specific to your planned locations to visit and scheduled timeframe.

Places to Visit

Costa Rica is adorned with numerous wonderful places to see. Whether you love thrilling adventures, serene national parks, glorious beaches or historical places, Costa Rica has something for everyone. For an adventurous whitewater rafting visit Pacuare river. To enjoy the deep tranquility of lush forest, Arenal national park is one of the must-visit parks there. San Jose’, the capital city of Costa Rica, offers a phenomenal amalgamation of colonial and modern architecture. So, be prepared to feast your eyes with a stunning juxtaposition of all kinds of beauties.


Some hotels provide their own transportation. Other than that there are several car rental places which make it easy for you to roam in the city and are also the cheapest of all transport options. Plus, the public transport system is top notch.

A Few More Tips!

Be cautious and vigilant of the signs hung on coastal areas, natural parks and urban places to be safe.Drive like a pro, and observe the local standards of driving set by the Ticos. And also maintain your rental car in its original/best condition, or be ready to face the penalty.Its time of plastic money, but some places there follow old-fashioned style. So keep cash in hand.While packing, remember to put mosquito spray, and lots of sunscreen in baggage, as it is a paradise but offer earthy harms (such as mosquitoes, and burning sun) as well.Your beach essentials such as towels, swimsuits, sandals are a must-have. Additionally, be prepared to get loads of beverages to be properly hydrated.

Get ready to have loads of fun!

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