Fishing in Costa Rica

For all the fishing enthusiasts, Costa Rica is a dream destination to come and enjoy sportfishing all year around. There is no right season to fish here, but all.

Best Fishing Destinations in Costa Rica

The aquatic region of Costa Rica has both the saltwater and freshwater territories. Thus fishes of both types are found here in abundance. Here are some of the top favorite fishing destinations of Costa Rica.

Los Suenos Marina

In central Pacific of Costa Rica, fishing is the topmost fun and famous activity all year around. Here, Los Suenos Marina is the first ever government sanctioned spot in Costa Rica. In particular, December to March accounts for the best season to fish marlin, rooster, and sailfish. This place has an abundance of different sorts of fish. And to make everything super luxurious, lavish, and fun for the visitors, an absolute amazing fleet of fishing boats and yachts are available to charter. Pacific Coast is particularly famous for offshore fishes including Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado; and inshore fishes including Snook, Roosterfish, and snapper.

Crocodile Bay

Located in the remote southern part of Osa Peninsula is Gulf Dulce. Also called as sweet gulf because of its fresh water; here on this spot the rivers and streams enter into a bay. This spot is exceedingly famous for fishing enthusiasts. No matter what the season or time of the year is, your fishing mission here will always be fruitful and fun. The crocodile bay fishing resort is particularly famous to relish the fishing enthusiasts with all the lavish facilities and fun activities. Talking about fishes, here African Pompano, cubera, snapper, grouper, and amberjack are peculiarly found in abundance.


This is a deep sea fishing spot of Costa Rica, located in Guanacaste, and is amongst the topmost famous fishing spot all year around in Costa Rica. But depending upon the type of fish you want to catch, your particular fishing month may vary. As months from April to August are perfect to catch billfish, black and blue marlin will be in abundance from May to September, sailfish will be more prevalent in waters from April to August, yellowfin tuna can be caught easily from June till September, and interestingly the snapper is present here all year around. And you’ll find the best charter companies here in this region.

One must apply to get a license to fish in the waters of Costa Rica. It costs about $ per person. And then enjoy fishing in the world’s top famous fishing destination.

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