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Where inspiration meets action - Costa Global Real Estate


I always wanted to live in a place where the ocean met the mountains. For a long time, I thought this meant living in the US's Pacific Northwest, but after my first trip to Costa Rica 5 years ago, I became inspired to make this country my home away from home.


Costa Rica's rich landscape marries thick, lush mountains with gorgeous beaches.   

 As the most biodiverse area on the planet, a completely unique beach is found kilometer after kilometer; some are covered in driftwood, others are studded with barnacle-covered caves, and others still are quiet, palm-lined coves with the perfect conditions for surfing.  

The Costa Ricans pride themselves on preserving their country's  ecological beauty for generations to come, making it the perfect home for that picturesque property you've always dreamed of.


 Whether you are relocating, purchasing a vacation home, or securing you family's legacy property, Costa Global Real Estate is an ethical, client-centered experience that is passionate about great service. We are driven to getting you the best property at the price you desire, all while upholding the ethical business standards that insure your investment is lawful and secure.


Let Costa Global help make your inspiration become reality.

Yours in Service,


The Bella Rosa of Costa Rica... 

IMAGINE being surrounded by the jungle life of Costa Rica, nestled on a low mountain ridge, a breathtaking, unobstructed view of the Pacific, all while residing in refined luxury. This is where the mountains meet the ocean! This is Bella Rosa!


Whether you choose to reside onsite or rent out the property, the onsite amenities are sure to impress. The options are limited only to your imagination.


Possibly a family compound where there is room for the you, your parents, the in-laws, the children and all the grandchildren. Have a bird’s eye view of the little ones playing in the pool, while sipping a cocktail and watching the sun set over the Pacific. Take an evening swim while watching shootings stars across the entire expansive view of the Milky Way!   Or possibly a rental opportunity for vacations, weddings, or business functions.  You could have both!


With multiple beaches within 10 kilometers - each offering a good variety of jungle coverage, beach textures, and water intensity – there is something suitable for everyone on your list. Nestled in what has become the “foodie” area of Costa Rican tourism, Ojochal provides a variety of local and international cuisine with live music found locally every night of the week.

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