Best Time to Travel to Costa Rica

Hot Summers or Cold Rainy Season.

No matter what the month or season is, the charisma, fun wave and natural beauty of Costa Rica never fail to entertain its visitors. This region has two seasons, one the dry and hot summer season that encompassing from mid-December till the end of April, and the rainy cold season extending from May to November. And the interesting thing is that sunshine pours on Costa Rica all year around making 12 hours of the day and 12 hours of the night time.

Perks of Visiting in Summers Season

Surfing is one of the most attractive features for the tourists here, and for the beginners, March and April are the best months to enjoy the tame waves under the shining sun.People looking to enjoy the Caribbean coast will adore the fresh air of natural parks, traditional food, and magnificent coral reefs of Costa Rica in the dry season.Santa Cruz Fiesta, Diabilitos Fiesta, and Palmares Fiestas in January; Festejos Populares, and El Tope and Carnival in December; and National Orchid Show in March are some of the most fun events to attend during this time in Costa Rica.

Perks of Visiting in Rainy Season

For the experienced and expert surfers, surfing is not fun unless done in huge daring waves. For such memorable experience, the rainy season is the perfect time to visit Costa Rica.Unlike dry season, there is less load of tourists in the rainy season, so you’ll easily get accommodation at preferred places, and also with cheap rates. In addition, airfare, and travel expenses also are comparatively less in these months.Virgin of the Sea Fiesta, Annexation of Guanacaste Day in July; Independence day in September; and Maize Fiesta and Limon Carnival in October are some of the major events happen during this season.

Before planning your visit, do check the weather conditions of the specific location of Costa Rica, as the weather varies from region to region; and can also show unusual changes in spite of what the month is. Overall, Summers make the most favorite season of tourists as they love the modest beach waves, soothing weather and roam around frequently. Nonetheless, for the expert surfers, and people who don’t mind getting wet in the cool drizzling rain, visiting Costa Rica in the least expensive rainy season is a wonderful choice.

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