Birds of Costa Rica

There are more than 840 species of birds in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is loaded with the stunning natural beauty and a huge number of beautiful bird species of adding an incredible freshness to its environment. With the identification of more than 840 species of birds, Costa Rica accounts for inhabiting 10 percent of the total avian population of the world. So, no matter what time or season you choose to explore the breathtaking sceneries or the urban life of Costa Rica, you’ll definitely treat your eyes with the gorgeous beauty of so many different types of birds.

For all the bird enthusiasts, Costa Rica is like heaven on earth. With so many distinguishing bird species, it’s impossible to pick “topmost famous birds” so here we have picked a few of the most common birds of Costa Rica


The exotically colorful hummingbirds can be commonly seen all over Costa Rica. There are more than 50 species of Hummingbirds identified here, and among these 2 species, naming the Mangrove, and the coppery-head hummingbirds, can only be found in Costa Rica.

Scarlet Macaw

This brightly colored, largely sized breed of parrot, scarlet macaw, love to fly in form of flocks, and can easily be seen coloring the Costa Rican sky here and there. It’s strikingly colored feathers and big size makes it easily recognizable. Surely a treat for the eyes.


All the tourists coming to Costa Rica eagerly want to have a look at a colorful toucan. Some of the species have hugely sized bills, mostly longer than the size of their bodies. Costa Rica is enriched with six stunning species of toucans, naming the Black mandible, the Rainbow billed the Emerald toucan, the Yellow-eared, the Fiery-billed, and the collared. Their distinguishing calls while sitting on tall trees will make you fall in love with nature even more.


Out of 9 species of these vibrantly colored creatures, 6 can be found in Costa Rica. Among these six, the blue-crowned, and the turquoise crowned can easily be found in Costa Rica. Their beautiful large feathers end with a colorful circle, and their body appears to be thin and tall. Their presence on the roadsides and riverbanks add a remarkable tinge to the scene.

White Throated Magpie Jay

These birds are not only stunning looking and large in size but also boldly register their presence with loud voices. These beauties can be found anywhere in Costa Rica, in urban areas or in the cool and calm forest as well. Just step in any national park and you’ll feast your eyes with these colorful birds.

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